Bad ass mom jails 2 people in a week, haha.

One never stops learning. Life keeps on throwing shit at you that allows you to learn a lesson or two if you are willing to.

I have to say this past week was a cracker.

Firstly, my husband went away for his birthday and therefore left the restaurant in my so-called capable hands. But secretly I was shitting myself not having the self confidence I tend to project. (Fake it till you make it, they say).

Anyway, with our awesome team beside me, we got ourselves through a lekker busy weekend. It was actually an honour and a privilege to witness them do two super busy days without a hitch as I’m usually home with the kids, I don’t tend to see the busy evenings.

As Saturday was winding down, we got a call from H saying he happened to spot the new guy take a bottle of booze from our fridge before coming upstairs. My Italian bar manager not liking a thief was ready, haha. But I managed to stay calm and told him I’ll handle it.

I handled it so well and calmly that I actually have search of bags etc all on camera ready as evidence for police. This weekend I learnt that my team is great, they always have my back and when there’s a hectic situation I can actually think calmly and go through whatever needs to get done.

Business-wise it was a stressful week, but I’ve also learnt that after all the work and heart we’ve put in one sometimes need to trust that the universe will run its course and provide.

Fast forward a couple of days and as I’m at the pinnacle of stressville I leave the restaurant with kids. Bags in boot, kids in car, I’m about to get in my side and I feel someone’s hand in my pocket trying to pick my phone. I turned on him and grabbed him so quickly he never saw what was coming. As I had him, H was there with a whole bunch of friends detaining him till cops came.

So clearly savvy enough for an unsuspecting pickpocket, lol. Plus the way H just stepped in and handled the debacle was great. The way staff and friends stepped in and came with cable ties, haha, nice to know you have people that have your back.

To the 3 close friends I have, God you are priceless. Always listening, taking me for breakfast, keeping me sane, a very big thank you.

To the cops, you guys have been great this past week in assisting us, thank you.

To my kids, it’s all ok. It’s life and know that you have a kick ass mom that can put a baddie or two away chop chop and an awesome dad that’s always there.

I’m grateful and truly blessed purely because of the people, my family, my team that walk with us through this thing called life. I have your backs, just like you’ve had mine.

Before I get soppy, maybe too late for that hahaha, I’ll shut it.

It’s Friday! Let the last winter rain kiss your cheeks, summer is on its way.