My son and I, and our ADD journey.



Firstly, I am purely sharing our personal journey as I feel that there’s a sea of research and opinions out there. When one actually start the Google search and start reading what various countries do and read up on scientists studies and every second facebook post is about ADD and ADHD it can get incredibly confusing and overwhelming. I know that I got to a point where I didn’t know what to believe anymore.

Hopefully our story can help someone out there.

Secondly, please note that this is our personal journey. I’m not saying this will save every child deemed ADD / ADHD. I just wish I had my current knowledge 1 year ago.

A1 has just turned 9. For the first time in his short schooling career is his self confidence back and he has turned into the young man I know he should be.

About a year back I was called in by the school’s educational psychologist. She had fleetingly assessed him. It’s a free service at school so I don’t reckon sufficient time was spent assessing A1. Her analysis: your son is definitely ADD and we should look at using Ritalin. For me personally this was devastating news. I never deemed A1 ADD, and simply don’t believe in medication as a quick fix.

First thought that popped into my brain. Second opinion. We can’t possibly only trust one person’s analysis. We definitely require a second opinion.

Quickly found another educational psychologist, emails went flying, appointments were made. We’re all set and ready to go. I had to go for session first and tell A1’s 8year history of being a child. Then he went for 2 sessions and then I had to go back for my verdict.

Having spent R4500, I still thought to myself now I’m going to hear what I want to hear. BUT NO.

The verdict was ADD, get Ritalin. I may spend the next 2 years going holistic route and trying other things but I’ll come up with Ritalin being my answer.

By this time I had read up so much about the subject. I came across the studies they’ve done in Scandinavian and mostly European countries where they deem ‘ADD’ is deficiency in magnesium and zinc. They also advocate good diet and healthy routine of exercise and sleep.

I was just told that I need to decide for myself what I’m going to do next.

Somehow I still didn’t think he was ADD. He’s not perfect. But not ADD.

So I kicked into second gear. Next port of call, occupational therapist. Some more emails, history of A1 again. Assessments, diagnosis, posture correction is required.

Ok great. Something I can work with. I gave ourselves 6months as I’m not a bottomless pit of money. I worked very closely with the therapist and did everything I had to do from adjusting diet to yoga, you name it, we did it.

At R3000+_ a month it wasn’t cheap but it was worth every penny spent. A1 got to a point where he could learn how to ride a bicycle.

He’s also one of those kids that have simply grown too quickly for his own good. So he’s also just still getting in tune and in control of all his limbs.

6months go by quickly and I was so scared of occupational therapist’s final assessment that I kept on looking and researching for some answers.

By chatting to a friend one evening she told me to give a yoga guru holistic guy a call.

Called him, he gave us a meditation to do and some yoga. He also suggested I give another lady a call that specifically work with kids in holistic natural manner. Some more emails, some more history lessons on A1 and I get a telephonic appointment with her.

She said that before she suggests anything further she would advise that I do a hair analysis on A1.

Hair analysis????

Now. From watching too much CSI and Law&Order I do know that ones hair carries a memory of ones body. I just never knew or heard of us having this as an option.

She put me into contact with someone that does this and off I went.

What I really liked about this option was that the child never had to go to the Dr or go for assessment. All we did was cut a little chunk of hair off and sent it off.

A week later I got a call to say he’s ready for me. Sat with him for an hour. He could show me exactly what the levels of all minerals, metals and vitamins were in all parts of A1’s body.

The brain graphic was the only normal one!!! Therefore, NO ADD!!!!!

But something is amiss. Or slightly off balance. He has a deficiency in magnesium and zinc an over active immune system because of it. Apparently also a slight digestive issue. He advises me to stick to the no sugar, minimal wheat diet and adds that we should try eating protein only up until 14:00 in the day.

R1100 later armed with some new info and my magnesium and zinc supplements we kicked into third gear and was ready for occupational therapist’s verdict.

By far the cheapest thing I’ve tried and the least invasive.

Occupational therapist felt like we had achieved what we had set out to do. She was now convinced he wasn’t ADD.

I have my child back. It seems like little changes but it’s made a world of difference. His self confidence is back. Homework is a breeze. I can have his attention and concentration for so much longer now. His creative side is back. He draws a lot again. He’s even decided to take up ballet, which is great for continued posture correction. He’s also excelling at school.

If I had current information a year ago I would have done things a little different.

I would have gone for hair analysis first. I would still have gone to occupational therapist. If I still had issues, I would have only then gone to educational psychologist.

I’m not slating anyone. I would have just gone about my journey in another way if I was armed with this information a year ago.

Everyone that crossed our path helped us get closer to our solution.

I’m also not saying that this is necessarily the solution to all kids. They are all unique and exceptional in their own ways.

All I’m asking is exhaust all natural holistic options. It might just be as simple as a mineral deficiency. Try everything before opting for the medication as your quick fix.


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