I was raised by two phenomenal women. And when I say phenomenal I mean absolutely forward thinking groundbreaking Nobel prize winning women. I.e. my mum and my grandmother.
My gran was born in 1911. She was one of the toughest women Ive ever known. And the stories I can tell of her is endless. She taught me many a lessons. And she wasn’t easy on us growing up but she led the way with a great example.

My mum on the other hand is wonder woman in living flesh and blood. She showed us how to be super intelligent, have a career of note (PHD  in chemical pathology) look super good always, be healthy and could strike up a tent and braai a snoek better than any man could.

She’s also the custodian of all power tools in the house haha.

So basically I’ve come from a household where as women we’ve always been shown that we don’t need men, we can do just as much as they can blah blah blah. There’s always been men but we were shown that men are equal partners. 

My dad is present within the whole picture and he’s been great in his own way. But the women in my family have always dominated. And don’t get me wrong, My dad’s no push over. He just has big enough balls to let women be.

So you can just imagine how I’ve tackled life. I can talk sports, rugby, soccer, cricket formula one. I get the off side rule. But in the same breath I can dance and be super feminine sexy. I have the compassionate caring patient side of a mum aswell.

I can handle a power tool and discuss the different nuances of the colour yellow.

Having been raised as a strong intellectual independent woman has been great and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We were taught and shown that you can have and do whatever you put your mind to.

I’ve managed to choose a partner that lets me be. He challenges me in every way, but he lets me be the strong woman I can be. He also allows me to crumble when I can’t anymore. He knows  that I pick myself up quickly and don’t wallow for too long.

What has been really interesting in the past year of us embarking on opening our own restaurant and me now being a boss with my husband or shall I say a real slap in the face. …

Has been the fact that there’s a lot of men out there that can’t handle having to answer to a lady. I know women’s abuse child abuse is a real thing and there are others that suffer from some severe abuse daily at the hands of some.

But it’s interesting to see how many can’t handle having to answer to a woman. Don’t respect what she has to say and it’s purely because it’s coming from the supposedly inferior sex. 
Fuck. One would think in 2017 we would all be equal or all be treated with respect. But it simply isn’t true. Just getting a new drivers licence with your surname now having changed due to marrying the love of your life is a pure sexist exercise by authorities.

Same name, same face, same I.d. number, same fingerprints but God forbid the changed surname. Unless you can provide proof of why surname changed even though it is on your I.d. card they simply won’t accept it or issue drivers licence.

Now I know there are way worse atrocities against women, whether it be our country or others. One just has to flip through a newspaper or log into your Facebook account to read all about it.

And don’t get me started on women’s rights in workplace. We are allowed to excell and be C.E.O.’s but God forbid we decide to get pregnant and want to breastfeed and want to take time to be with kids or see first soccer game etc.

There’s a fuck load still to be done in the work place for women.

Probably why I decided to work for myself a long time ago. At least I’m in charge of how I spend my time. My time is precious. I get more shit done from 8-14:00 than most do in a full days of work. From 14:00 I’m with my kids. I do homework, read, soccer,yes I’m the ultimate mom’s taxi. But I chose to have kids, not because I biologically can. I’ve had kids because I actually want  to raise some kids. As much as I doubt myself like all parents do I think I’m good at it. I actually enjoy raising the future generation. I’ve not had kids so someone else can raise them.

All I’m saying is that it’s interesting to see that women in general from my own experience just aren’t treated equally. We are not respected by most. We are always second guessed and it’s bullshit.

What I’m also trying to say is that I come from a long line of ultimate wonder woman, so I won’t lie down for no one and I will fight for women’s rights always. With my son being born on women’s day haha that’s a given. And I will raise him right. And as for the two girls I’m raising…

I will make sure that they continue the wonder woman act. They will be world leaders in whatever they decide to be and they will know how to stand up for themselves and other women and not take any kak from no-one.

I simply hope I can make a bit of a difference and make this world a better place for women general.


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