An ode to my husband, chef h

My hubby is a manly man. Tall, strong, kitchen smell sweaty most of the time. If you date or are married to a chef you know the smell. He’s a man’s man. He loves his footy and beer and does a mean braai. Covered in tats and seriously just too cool for school.

He’s an awesome dude’s dude and if you’re a friend or employee he’ll always have your back.

And yes, he does the odd stupid dude’s stuff. Like coming home when the sun rises (years ago) after a night out after work with the guys. (But we already had kids) and then not replying to messages as you are up in middle of night breastfeeding nr 2.

I don’t get coffee or breakfast ever in bed as he always works night shift. I don’t ever get to sleep in. I’m the early bird he’s the late at night one.

He does not drive. Yes, chef H does not drive. So school runs, all of it, any driving required is all on me. Yes, drove myself to hospital while having contractions about to pop with all in car. Even with nr 2 drove to restaurant to fetch H, hahahaha. That’s hilarious,you should try it. So, no, I do not know what the view looks like from the passenger seat side, lol.

But, fuck he listens to me. When I see and notice what he does in the day for me, I can see that he has listened. He heard my rant or moan this morning. He saw my face twitch or noticed the raised eyebrow. And that means a lot. He’s not brushed off what I had to say. He actually heard what I had to say and he’s trying to help me or assist me.

H gives me kak though. He challenges me. He’s no push over and he won’t take shit from me. He makes me a better me. But he allows me to be me. He allows me to lead when I’m the one that should and He leads the way when he needs to, when I’m not strong enough.

He lets me make mistakes. He allows me to learn from them. He lets me mope around in pyjamas, and he lets me be super sexy me when I feel like it. He loves me without make up (I don’t know what the fuck make up is). He loves me when I have my winter fat, he loves me when I’m summer skinny.

When I decide to shave off long blonde locks down to a nr 1 he lets it be.

He lets me be me. He facilitates,  appreciates, supports me and most important of all allows me to grow into the awesome person I’m destined to become. We have managed to grow together. Sometimes one grows and other has to play catch up. But if one lets the other one be, give them the space to get there in their own time it seems to work.

As twenty somethings we got up to a lot of shit together. We had a lot of fun together. Many a pre-dawn cheese burger combos were had after a late night out. Now we’re all about healthier living and exercise and kids haha.

In a world where marriage is frowned upon, divorce is rife blah blah. And don’t get me wrong. I’m all for feminism and chicks can do what men do. We’re no conventional duo. He does the cooking (I hate cooking) and I do the handyman shit. 
I think we might just have managed to find the “right one” , that “happily ever after” bullshit and yes 3 kids later we’re still madly in love.

After 15years together and still getting jealous of eachother (in a healthy way) and simply just being eachothers best friends I think we might just be ok.

As well as we know eachother we still have a lot to learn. But we are having fun.

I love you H. You’re pretty fucking cool. And I’m enjoying life’s journey with you by my side.


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