The dreaded sleepy time (and my forever altered sleeping pattern)

I’m lucky to run my own business. I say this because as demanding and stressful as that is I’m in charge of my own time. And I’m a real bitch about it.

As easy going as I am, don’t mess with my time. There’s little of it and it’s precious. I schedule and plan days and weeks into Narnia and back to maximise productivity but from 14:00 in afternoons I’m dedicated to my kids whether it’s the mom taxi or painting walls or jumping around on trampolines laughing and getting a work out.

Sleepy time though. SO FRUSTRATING RIGHT NOW. So I’ve got 3 kids. There’s a 5yr gap between A1 and A2. And somehow I don’t recall it being such an ordeal with A1.

There was a rough bit, but with patience and determination we overcame it and all fell into place. I’ve always done sleepy time by myself as hubby is a chef that works night time. Actually prefer that because whatever I say freaking goes.

But I have to say A2 and A3 is giving me a run for my money. Maybe it’s because there’s only a year difference between the two. And yes we missed the class on contraception but happily so. And maybe it’s because their at that still terrible 3 going on 20 stage where they feel like they have to test you after you’ve had a long day of buying veg, picking the perfect cuts of meat, had Sherlock-Holmes-like investigations into cash ups and staff stealing, to lawyers and landlords, God I can go on for days. It’s been a rough 3weeks.

I’m also quite a stickler for routine when it comes to my kids. I do believe that provides them with security and boundaries etc but YOH my 3 are seriously taking the piss at the moment.

I’m at the point now that if you’re not in bed by 20:30 after bathy and bedtime story vibe blah blah blah, you’re pretty much left to your own devices and are free to pass out where and when you feel fit. I simply give up. I simply just don’t have the energy.

I also think from breastfeeding A2 and A3 consecutively over a period of 3 years have forever altered my sleep pattern.

I’m now forever bound to that 3hr breastfeeding sleep pattern. My best sleep is from about 22:00 till 02:00. From there on  I’ll read. Love my murder mysteries. Reply to emails. Catch up on world news. You name it I’ll do it from 2 onwards and if I can grab another hour or so before getting up at 6 to get kids ready for school I’m forever greatful.

It’s probably a form of insomnia, but quite frankly I don’t have time to address that or stress about it. Maybe it’s my body and mind’s way of giving me ME-TIME. lol. That’s also great haha because atleast from 2 in the morning I can read a book in peace and quiet without having to hear “mommy, mommy”, “where’s my socks”, “can you tell me how many seats there are for passengers on a plane?” Etc etc.

I can even go to the toilet without having to answer to anyone, haha.

Oh well, I hope sleepy time sorts itself out. I’ve surely put enough patience, determination and effort into it. As for my early morning me time… I won’t wish that away just yet. It’s my sanctuary.

I’ll sleep when I’m dead…hehe

And please do not tell me I look tired. That’s the “I don’t wear make-up, like as in ever look” not because I have 3 kids and don’t take care of myself bullshit. I hardly wore make up before kids and still choose not to, I simply don’t have time for such crap.


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