Go go go, like a go-go dancer…

This has been one hell of a week. From A2’s fourth birthday, through bank investigations, staff meetings, home affairs, traffic departments and some more bank stories, it’s been one hell of a week.
The restaurant has been crazy busy. Not complaining, but wow, for lunch and dinner it has been packed with birthday parties, bachelor parties, Harvard school of business been, you name it, they came.

All I want to say in this regards is thank you for the support and keep on coming.

In and amongst all this I’ve had to replace my life, ie the I.d. card, drivers licence etc. Yes the dreaded trip to home affairs loomed with that awful queue that always stretches past maverick.

But as luck may have it, I timed it with that wonderful rainy day where cape town roads were so congested to a point that there were no queue at home affairs. So home affairs was actually a breeze.

The traffic dept was also strangely enough not bad. Maybe this is a mid month thing. I don’t know, but not complaining. Until I got to the last counter where they asked for my marriage certificate. So, same face, same I.d. number, same fingerprints, same name, just the surname that had changed and no…

They could not possibly assist me any further till I brought this stupid piece of paper. Got the same at the bank I went to. Bleh. So much for gender equality.

This got my blood boiling though. But got through all of it, fb rant and all. Did lots of admin at work. Met with great people that want to do launch parties in basement. Spoilt myself with sneakers.

And yes amongst all this made time for kids in afternoon and got them to their things and made sure they were fed and breathing, lol.

We even had some family time with dad squeezed in between shifts. I’ve done meat shopping and veg shopping for shop.

A1 and I even attempted the learning of how to ride a bicycle again. The first attempt was awful as per previous post, yes. But we went for a second time. And through some tears and me managing to keep my cool and A2 quietly eating her icecream with some actresses cheering A1 on….

He did it!!!!! Not before long I was running in front of him not holding on and cheering him on.

I did my happy dance and high fived him. He just said I’m weird. I probably am, haha, but I simply could not contain my happiness, my joy and how proud I was of him.

It was definitely the achievement of the week and just made all the madness seem ok.

And then we had to go straight into a staff meeting and dinner wih the folks.

So this week might have been a go go go. Wish I was a go-go dancer haha. Always looks like so much fun. With all the running I’ve done up and down promenade next to bike I’m definitely fit enough. Who needs the gym when one has kids. Lol.

Here’s to a much needed relaxing weekend away with hubby. We sure as hell deserve it after this week.


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