Kids and their moods.

I forget sometimes that my kids come with their own personalities and moods of the day. One doesn’t always know what went down at school and maybe something happened like it does for us adults that have put them in a mood.

I had my day all planned. Got through my list of crap to do at work. Whacked it out of the park so to say. Was proud of myself and set off to get A1 and A2. I had this plan that we were going to go to the promenade, hire a bicycle and get A1 started on learning how to ride a bike. 

Oddly enough a day after the blown out argus, yes (that’s pure coincidence) but it’s a beautiful day out and we’re going to go do this thing.

Now don’t get me wrong. We have attempted the bicycle before but this child and balance are just not friends. It’s way better than it’s been, the balance thing, and I do feel now is the right time for him but ja. I’m going to have my work cut out.
We also live in a flat so buying bikes for all three where there’s no garage for storage etc is stupid. We’d always had a small car that has died in the winelands recently so transporting bicycles….and the hills of vredehoek isn’t exactly condusive to kids learning for the first time unless they’re daredevils doing time trials for some redbull extreme show.

So the aim of the day was….

Let’s attempt and just try for an hour. We don’t have to get it right. We simply have to try, without crying and giving up. Then there’s icecream up for grabs. Whoop whoop. We’re going to do this!

Ja right….

So as I’ve mentioned before as an 8yr old this child is about my size because I’m just a short shit as an adult.

So this must have been hysterical to watch. Me holding onto bike trying to keep his balance while shouting that he should stop leaning to one side and keep peddling. A2 just strolled behind us with her hands in her pockets. I’ve probably scarred her for life.

Short before long we had the tears and me now shouting out of frustration. Him with a helmet and me with his school cap on. Sorry school.

Him not wanting to ever ride a bike and now wanting icecream. Me, trying to explain that there’s still 200m to go whether we liked it or not before we get to the icecream shop and the stall that we hired bike from lol.

We both somehow managed to suck it up and reign it in and made another attempt at riding.

We got to have icecream. Not sure who needed it more after all the drama lol.

Anyway. Being by my parents I had a chat with them asking their advice. Think I went into today a bit unprepared haha. My mum just laughed. She just said it was a lot harder than I remembered it to be and that I need to exert more patience.

She gave me some great advice and I feel that I’ll have a better approach on Thursday when we attempt this whole bike riding thing again. A1 and I managed to have a chuckle over today and we’re both keen to go at it again.

I just  don’t seem to remember learning to ride a bike being so difficult!!! Maybe my memory fails me. I remember it being scary but I thought I got the hang of it quickly.

Oh well, between his crying and my tantrum I just don’t think our moods were compatible today. 

We usually enjoy eachothers company and have great fun together.

One can’t always schedule events and things with kids like one does work related stuff.

Sometimes they’re also having an off day like some of us adults do.


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