I’m not superwoman.  Deal with it.

I’m not superwoman, I’ve made peace with it, I’m more than ok with this. Listen, I do get pretty close to being superwoman but I’m not.
On a daily bases I get 3 kids to school on time, remember to pack their lunches and remind them of afterschool activities. I drive them where they need to be. Yes, I do sometimes forget the swimming cap. Fok, last week I forgot my cozzie and had to swim in my dress. Deal with it.

I then do most admin with my sidekick at work and thank god if I didn’t have her i’d be a fucking sad mess. Yes, i do forget conversations had meetings made etc. I have a diary and a smart phone but jeeze sometimes I do drop a ball or 2. Deal with it.

I do anything from painting, decorating, paperwork, banking, staff issues, suppliers, customers etc. Yes sometimes I fuck up, not perfect. Deal with it.

I sometimes forget to get the garbage out on time for garbage trucks.

And yes teachers. Sometimes I forgot to read that letter or new photo day procedure. But jissie. Dont accost me for it. Rather just nag and remind me and I’ll get there. I can’t possibly remember everything and do everything.

Sadly, sometimes I need some help. Yes, there I said it. As strong as I am and as much shit as I can shovel (I’m a pretty tough cookie) I do occassionally need help.

Yes most of the time i look tired. Don’t remind me, please. I chose to have 3 kids and have a business of my own and yes I’m pretty tired always. I’m not a Kardashian and refuse to dress up or do make up. I dress with what I feel comfortable in or sexy in depending the occasion. And yes when I feel like slaying it I can. Been blessed with good genes. But this will not happen everyday all day. And my face will never know make up. Hate the stuff, don’t get it. That’s just me. So atleast what you seeing is pretty much as real as it’s going to get and I refuse to hide behind make up. Deal with it.

My hair is another story. I like being creative with it so don’t judge the odd shave etc. But most of the time i dont actually enjoy the maintenance of hair and will just the it up.

There’s a weekly photo shoot at restaurant at this point in time with magazines, newspapers bloggers etc pulling in. And the website that’s coming. Radio interviews. There’s film shoots pulling in soon. Social media is also a daily slog die to today’s society.

I pick fresh herbs and veggies every other morning with hubby for restaurant. I go to butcher to pick meat with hubby. We handpick most of our produce as we actually care about what we use and serve.

I deal with engineers and architects on daily bases. Yes, I’m busy project managing a rooftop construction. briefing carpenter’s and builders. Which reminds me I need to get on to carpenter’s case today!

I try and get kids to their dad so they can have time together. As hubby works night shift as well.

So yes I do the the bath, sleepy time routine all by myself every night. That’s fine, but by the time I’ve gotten everyone to bed I’m pretty dead myself.

I’m a hands on mother. I refuse to let anyone else raise my kids for me. What was the point of having them if you were going to pass that responsibility on to other people. So yes they spend time at restaurant. A1 already helps in kitchen. They go herb picking with us on weekends etc.

I find myself waking up in middle of the night answering emails. Yes, i use every minute to my disposal to get to everything i have to.

I’ve even now forgotten to mention the ten million other things I do on a daily bases.

Sometimes I drop a ball. It’s ok, I’m fine with it.

Atleast I take some time out to go do de-stressing with my kids. And to take an hour out of the day to go trampoline jumping with my kids is a pretty fucking awesome way of laughing and exercise all in one.

I’m ok with not being superwoman. Hope you’re ok with it. And if I am asking for help, know that I’m at the end of whatever superwoman I had in me. Lol


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