Sunday Funday, or shall I say, the death of a laptop…

Sundays are sacred in our household. Not that we’re religious or anything but it’s the only day of the week we have together as a family to do fun stuff and dont have to work. Having said that, we do tend to end up at a market or winefarm to try new cheeses or wine and end up buying stuff for the restaurant.

This particular Sunday started quieter than usual, more peaceful. Strange, should have seen it as an omen but one counts one’s blessings and enjoy the moments of bliss.

I got to sleep in a bit. The kids were all friends this morning not fighting and got on with their morning routine of cereal and movies and playing ball.

I appreciated the lie in as I had been up with a tummy bug all night but that won’t stop me from our usual action packed Sundays.

Eventually I hauled myself out of bed and went to shop with A3 in just a tutu and frilly socks with big brother’s 2 odd slip slips. (One is black and for 4yr old, one is blue and for 8yr old and their both left feet).

She’s creative or strange like this whichever way you look at it and I let her be.

We left the others at home with dad and went to do our weekly grocery shopping so we are ready for school lunches at the least.

But the south easter is howling at gale force speeds up in vredehoek’s streets. I had to literally hold on to A3 to make sure she didn’t blow away.

Another part of the Sunday morning ritual is grabbing 2 take away coffees. Just imagine holding on to 2 hot coffees and a child and trying to open a car door. My sunglasses went flying, I was like fuck it, don’t care. BUT as A3 was laughing at me her face turned into instant upset, I’m screaming now mode.

I then realised the wind had swept away one of her left feet slops. So where I didn’t give a fuck about my glasses I was now in superwoman mode. We had to save the slop and save the mood of A3 if we were going ro have any luck in havig a happy sunday. Nothing qorse than one kid moping over a slop that was swept away vy the wind.

In the car lets hunt down our windswept glasses and slops.

The glasses were easy enough but the freaking slip slop proceded to elude us a couple of times. We’ll find it. Park car. I’ll get to it. And as I want to grab it the wind will blow it away. Yes, that’s how ridiculously strong the wind was. But after attempt 3 we triumphed and got the slop and headed home.

At home we climbed our staircase, 3 grocery bags hanging on one arm, 2 hot coffees balancing in other hand needless to say I required help opening top gate. I yelled out to A1 to come open up but there was an eerily dead silence in our household. Now i don’t know about you but I don’t think a household containing 3 kids are ever quiet unless their all asleep or conspiring to do something naughty.

Eventually hubby and A1 came to help and A1 was just babbling at me incoherently going on about something that had happened while I was gone for all of half an hour.

So turns out that A1 was assisting A2 with a movie on the laptop, probably lion king, that is the favourite at the moment. A2 somehow got a bee in her bonnet, she can be so bedonnerd (moody) sometimes and she threw the laptop out of frustration and it split apart into many pieces.

But it’s Sunday funday so I said right, dad has done what he could to put it together, i have been good at backing up our work on our hard drive, i am not letting a laptop ruin my Sunday funday.

This was sort of an attempt to show kids that material things at the end of the day isn’t important and always replaceable. (Secretly I was stressing about laptop because replacing this shit always costs money)


We packed up and off we went to the winelands for a beautiful picnic under the trees. The kids played to their heart’s content on endless jungle gyms, jumping castles and a waterslide. Forgetting of their laptop dilemma. (We don’t have tv so any movie watched is on or via laptop, lol)

I got my weekly gym session in having to assist with monkey bars and swings etc.

We went home after much fun was had and bellies were full, boxes of wine purchased for restautant, for the much dreaded weekly washing and brushing of hair. Now, when all 3 kids have lovely curly locks prone to naturally dread brushing and washing it is a dreadful affair. And dont tell me about “de-tangle” it doesnt work. Turns out the good old coconut oil manouvre works best. But even this went ok this Sunday.

I charged the laptop wanting to see whether there’s any life left in it and miraculously it came to life. The screen has a lovely crack across it but I suppose that’s fixable.

We watched our movies and A2 and A3 eventually passed out in my arms.

I went back to my toilet hugging as the bug clearly hadn’t left my body yet. But we had a good sunday.


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