TFIW! (thank fuck it’s weekend)or zero fucks given as hubby’s cap states


Is all I can say. 

So the week has been full on. Friday was a test of true character. So out of the 13 hours I was out the flat, that excludes getting kids up and ready and the dreaded fucking ma se poes sleepy time. Excuse my language but I’ve tried everything and sleepy time with 3 different souls and personalities is just simply poes.

Anyway, so out of those 13 yrs out of flat I spent 8hrs, yes 8hrs on the road. It was anything from school run, to meat collection from lovely organic grass fed local butcher in durbanville, to driving mum because i’m privileged to using her car as my car died in winelands 2 months ago to getting kids from school, to golf practise for A

1 to sneaky power nap (was only 25min but fuck was it good) to liquor shopping for restaurant to blah blah blah. With tantrums and all. I cracked and had atleast 2 melt downs with tears. I even caught myself shouting “WHAT” at A3 in a parking lot and saw an elderly man looking at me, judging me. He very quickly got my evil eye and realised it would be better to just ignore me and go on with his life spared.

We died atleast 3 times on the roads due to other reckless drivers but luckily I’m pretty on it and anticipate this kak so we made it and survived the dangerous roads for today.

So after a long week like this one in particular, my idea of me-time(and this is really sad but fuck it is what it is) and a spoil for the kids as they live on a wheat free sugar free diet in general is an hour at the spur.

They get to eat all the crap their not usually allowed, they can jump their last energy out on a jumping castle and I can eat a mediocre meal without having to share it with anyone. Yes I eat my meal in silence by myself and only call kids from play area once I’ve devoured my last fucking chip.

Phone flat from a day of calls, emails and frozen YouTube vids and endless whatsapp group chats from school I very happily sit in silence staring at cricket on tv screens in silence.

A2 then suddenly pipes up that we should go to beach. I look outside and i’m like shit there’s only an hour of sunlight left but let’s fucking go. This is the spur of the moment me talking now.

So we take away, we pay our bill and off we go to the beach. 

Get to beach, so beautiful, you’re reminded once again why you live in cape town. Kids are splashing around in sea in their clothes as i didn’t pack in swimmimg costumes. This is a spur of the moment thing. You only live once fuck it.

A1 pipes up but there’s lots of plastic in ocean bringing me 3 plastic bags. So I said, well make a pile of garbage by my bag as you swim watching the romantic sunset and we’ll carry it up and put it in a bin as we go to the car.

I felt quite sad seeing my son on a mission to clean up the sea as we’re enjoying the last rays of sunshine, BUT I then thought fuck I must be doing something right somewhere if my 8yr old feels compelled to clean up a beach. 

This is when the crap sleepy times, tantrums, 2yr old whining, poo nappies , vomit on clothes, driing up and down etc all kind of seems worth it.


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