The fashion of today, explained…


I’m a mum of three and business owner with my husband. Life’s busy to say the least but with my smart phone and my diary with lists from here to Kathmandu I reckon I’m pretty capable. Haha.

This morning i felt good. Tired. But good. I felt like everything was under control and it was going to be a good day. I had my shit in order and under control.

Yesterday having  been valentines day (vomit) was a good day but super long. It started at 6 in the morning getting 3 kids to 3 different schools and only ended at about 1 the following morning when I got to bed and shoved 3 slices of pizza down before passing out.

On this glorious sunny morning I was up at 5:30. Yes doing homework with my 8yr old son we neglected to do yesterday because I had to work a double in our restaurant. But we got through our 3 times table and spelling and the use of are and is and got on with our day.

I felt good because for the first time we were going to go to our afternoon swimming lesson with all the necessary paraphenalia ie the elusive swimming cap and the goggles. I had made a point of buying 5 swimming caps yesterday because I can never find the one we do have on the day I need it.

Life was good. We were on time not rushing and had our shit in order. 

I did what I could at work till 14:00 and set off to get A2 and A1 so we could get to our swimming lesson on time against all odds of cape town afternoon traffic.

We got to swimming early!!!!!!! I felt so proud of myself. For once it felt like I’m on top I things and not going to drop a ball today.

It’s A2’s first swimming lesson, she’s 3, and we’re in it to win  it.

A2 being who she is (moody) decided after 5min that she is not keen on this swimming  thing.  I’m all for kids making their own choices and not being forced but today I knew I had to get her into this swimming lesson thing as she does love the water being named after the little mermaid, Ariel.

Being the hands-on mummy that I am I got onto the first step of the pool and tried to get A2 comfortable with coming in after me. Then down  to the next step. The coach then looked at me and just said you know you’d just going to have to swim and get in yourself.

I didn’t have a problem with that, but somehow that was something I neglected in my planning and Kathmandu list this morning. A swimming costume for mummy!!!!!

Eish, coach looked at me and just said your dress will dry quickly in this summer sun. I didnt need much coaxing, i was in, dress and all with A2 and after 5min I could hand her over to coach and they had a lovely first swimming lesson together while I watched from the step with my son in my wet dress lol.

My dress was never going to dry in time so I thought i’d check my bag of tricks. Maybe there would be something amongst the nappies, goggles, dinosaurs, hot rod cars i could wear, there had to be something…

Yes! This dinosaur Hoodie for an 8yr old and his pt shorts whahahaha. So luckily I’m stupidly small for an adult, 8yr olds being my height and my son is stupidly tall for his age and wears 12 yr old clothing already. So it’s a win win situation.

I squeezed myself into his dinosaur Hoodie and pt shorts and off we went. Still dropped his friend off at home having to explain to his lovely mum the bizarre fashion of the day. 

Had to fetch A3 from school having to explain myself to teacher. Because of course A3 piped up: “but mummy, why are you wearing boeta’s clothes?”

Still went to work to check in and get hubby for quick dinner before he went back for night shift at restaurant and I went home with kids.

In my books, today was a good day. 

Yes, I dropped a ball and had to rock a dinosaur Hoodie meant for an 8yr old boy and probably scarred my kids for life, haha. But today was pretty good in the grand scheme of things.

My dress still isn’t dry…


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